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The American Revolution

Independent military groups that used sneak attacks
Patriots ready in a minute
Green Mountain Boys surprised sleeping British solders, take fort without firing a shot
Author of the Declaration
Second Congress forms colonial forces
Break up letter with Britain
Militia held high ground but lost the battle
Treaty that ends the American Revolution in 1783
Decision by all delegates to 13 states to declare independence
Midnight ride
Twenty-seven abuses of King George and Parliament
British soldiers
Tricky, seemingly open stretches held obstacles for the British
Large guns fired from a long distance
Soldiers who are paid to fight for another country
Battle in New Jersey on Christmas night, victory raises morale of Continental Army
Sharp blade attached to a musket
Signaled start of Revolution
1,000 soldiers deserted during harsh winter
A right that cannot be taken away
Life, liberty, and pursuit of
French nobleman who offered assistance to the American war effort
Commander and chief of Continental Army
Although they could not officially serve in the army, they played many key roles in the war effort
Washington crosses this river late on Christmas night with 2,400 soldiers
British general who officially surrenders to end the last major battle of the war
An ally, along with Spain, of the Americans
American and French forces surround the British here
British barrier to prevent American ships from coming and going
Patriot victories here became a turning point in the revolution