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Science | Plate Tectonics Vocabulary

Learning Strategies (Tutorial): Mr. Harris
The device used to record the motion of the ground during an earthquake.
Subducts (sinks) under continental crust.
Region around the Pacific Basin where plates converge and the site of numerous earthquakes and volcanoes.
The Theory of __________ _____ states that the continents moved from where they were originally.
The layer of Earth where we live on; crust and upper-mantle.
_______ rock is formed from the solidification of molten rock material.
Boundary between colliding plates; often responsible for mountain building (-> <-).
___________ rock is formed by the deposition of materials on Earth's surface and within bodies of water.
The place where plates meet.
The Theory of _____ __________ is a theory proposing that Earth's surface is made up of many large and small moving tectonic plates.
Waves of energy that travel through the earth's layers and are a result of an earthquake, explosion, or volcano that gives off low frequency energy.
When seismic waves travel through Earth they ________ in speed from less dense material into more dense material.
Long series of undersea ridges that form the largest mountain range in the world.
A _______ is a series of waves generated by movement on the ocean floor.
___________ rock is made by a transformation of existing rock because of heat and pressure.
The place where two plates move away from each other (<- ->).
Supercontinent about 245,000,000 years ago.
Scale from 1-10 used to measure earthquakes.
Famous transform fault in California.
Below the lithosphere; hot; plastic and flowing.
The state fossil of Mississippi (prehistoric whale).