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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Science Chapters 1-6 Review Crossword

Teacher: Mrs. S. Vandervort
The study of the earth.
The study of fossils.
Regions of the earth's surface where limestone is exposed and abundant are ____ regions.
The sudden appearance of life in the fossil record is called the ------------ explosion
Lava that hardens into rough, jagged rocks with a crumbly or "blocky" texture is _____ lava.
The type of weathering that involves the breaking or peeling away of rock into layers,
Some glaciers extend into the ocean without breaking to form _____________.
The resistance of a smooth surface of a mineral to being scratched
The amount of matter in an object
The upper surface of ground water.
A volcano consisting primarily of erupted volcanic ash and rock fragments held together loosely is a _____ volcano.
The land that borders a river and is covered by river water in flood time.
Crystals are generally characterized by many flat surfaces called ________.
The plant food element that promotes the ripening of fruits.
The process that breaks rocks down into soil.
The largest group of minerals, which compose over 90% of the earth's crust.
The australopithecine that was known as "upright mam."
Man is classified as Homo ______.
Deep-ses-fish living fossil that was once thought to be the ancester of the first amphibians
The upper layers of the ground stripped away by surface mining.
Crystalline substances found naturally in the earth
A fan-shaped deposit of sediments at the mouth of a river
The type of mountains formed when rocks on one side of a fault were forced upward and the rocks on the other side were forced downward.
An alloy of iron and carbon
The narrow zone of active volcanoes that encircles the Pacific basin.