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American Revolution and Marvel Movies

Proclamation of 1763 kept Americans from moving here
Nation that works with another nation
Leadership structure
General Bradford tried to capture Fort Duquesne from this nation
To cancel
The "assistance" allowed British to search homes for smuggled goods
Temporary substitute
Fighter who uses hit and run tactics
British general who captured Quebec City during French and Indian War
A smaller group within a religion
These Acts were passed after the Boston Tea Party
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the ____ Rings
Black Panther; ___ Forever
___ Man and the Wasp
American who started the French and Indian War
William Johnson helped convince this Indian nation to side with the British in the French and Indian War
High social class
This Act required colonist to put a special mark on all paper goods
Spiderman: Far From ______
Main author of the Declaration of Independence
A formal written request
Captain America; The _____ Soldier
_____ Strange
The "Sons of _____" threw tea into the Boston Harbor
Captain America; The ____ Avenger
Spiderman: No Way ______
Lead an Indian Rebellion
A likeness
Avengers: ___ of Ultron
Theory that a nation's wealth comes from strict control over it's trade
Lead the Green Mountain Boys in their capture of British cannons
Cannot be taken away
"I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country"
Necessary for survival
Introduction to official document
Correspondence could mean to write these
Legislatures make these
Refusal to buy goods
____, Ragnarok
To look at
In Europe, the French and Indian War was known as the ______ Years War
Avengers: ____ Game