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Science Review, Chapters 1-6 Crossword, pt.2

Teacher: Mrs. S. Vandervort
Scale that chemists use to express acidity and basicity of substances.
The theory that states that the earth's crust and upper mantle consist of huge plates slowly drifting as a result of convection currents in the mantle.
The false belief that all geological processes have always proceeded at the same rate.
Emerald and aquamarine are two forms of what mineral?
Theory that has never been proven false.
When two rock layers are pushed violently together, causing the layers to buckle, a ______ mountain is formed.
The type of mountain is formed when molten rock collects beneath an overlying rock layer, forcing the layer upward into a blisterlike structure.
An idea that attempts to reconcile the Bible and evolution is ______ _________.
Popularized evolution with his book "On the Origin of Species"
The type of fold that occurs when rocks buckle upward.
The point on the earth's surface directly above an earthquake's focus.
Metal more valuable than gold or silver
The red variety of corundum
The substance that makes up the physical world
The hypothetical time scale that supposedly charts both the earth's history and the sequence of the rock layers in the earth's crust.
Large almond-or teardrop-shaped pieces of ejecta formed when larva solidifies
A low hill formed when a glacier overruns a moraine is a __________.
The most abundant element in the earth's crust.
A winding, looping curve in a river on flat ground.
A mineral test that leaves a line of powder on a plate in a ______ test.