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6th Grade World History - Unit 4 - The Revolutionary Age #1

A five-man committee that formed the new government of France after the Reign of Terror
Supplied by bankers or wealthy investors to entrepreneurs to help them get their business started
The ____ Revolt was a rebellion in Russia started by a small group of nobles and army officers who sought to replace Nicholas with his brother in order to establish a constitutional monarchy.
Radical concept of society without government
The Belgian ____ is the territory in the interior of Africa along the Congo River.
Anti-_____ is hostility towards Jews.
The ____ Conference is where European powers established key agreements in phase two of the Scramble for Africa.
Network of facilities and structures needed for travel and communication
The ____ Act was a Parliamentary decree that gave the British crown control over the British East India Company.
Dominance and power asserted by one nation over less powerful nations
Code ___ was the result of the codification of French Law.
Estates-______ was an assembly composed of representatives of the three estates in pre-Revolutionary France; the only political body in France with the authority to reform the tax system
The ___ Estate is the upper tier of the French social ladder which included archbishops and bishops
Economic system in which property is commonly and not privately owned.
Sea between Southeastern Europe and Western Asia
The ____ Confederation an African organization formed in 1868 by African pastors and teachers to maintain self-rule.
Businessmen who sell inventions or start businesses for financial gain and accept risk of personal loss
No drinking of alcohol
Conquest of one or more nations by another nation
____ Revolution was the name for the 18th and 19th centuries due to great changes in manufacturing.
The Committee of _____ Safety was a committee to manage the government that soon gained absolute authority in revolutionary France
The Great ____ was a spiritual movement that brought many to salvation, started many churches, and prepared the American colonies for independence
Crop ___ is a farming practice in which different crops are grown in a field to maintain the soil's fertility.
The Declaration of the _____ of Man was a document signed by the National Assembly in 1789; demanded the end of many of the abuses suffered by the French people and advocated ideals such as not doing anything that harms others
A large region in southeastern Europe.