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6th Grade World History - Unit 4 - The Revolutionary Age #2

The ____ Estate was the second-highest level of French society before the French Revolution; contained the aristocracy
Site of the battle in which the armies of Prussia and Britain defeated Napoleon and his forces (1815)
The Treaty of _____ was signed by Japan and the United States in 1854; opened Japan to trade with other nations
The ____ Estate is the lowest level of French society before the French Revolution; contained the middle class, artisans, townsmen, and peasants
Set of government-issued rights granted to an inventor to prevent others from copying and selling his invention for a certain amount of time
Western style of art, music, & literature characterized by an emphasis on the mysterious and supernatural, a longing for Medieval Age, and a love for freedom, nationalism, emotion, and nature
A process developed by Louis Pasteur in which milk and other liquids are heated in order to slow the development of disease-causing microbes
Economic system in which the government owns businesses
The privilege to vote in elections
The National ____ was the members of the Third Estate in the French Revolution who convened & signed the Tennis Court Oath & the Declaration of the Rights of Man
The ____-Japanese War was a war in which Japan easily defeated China, humiliated the Manchu government, took possession of Korea, and received Taiwan along with other Chinese territories
The Second ____ Colonial Empire began in 1830 with the invasion of Algeria in North Africa; stemmed from a desire to have colonies.
African language into which Samuel Ajayi Crowther helped translate the Bible.
The Opium ____ was a result of mounting tensions between British merchants who wanted to continue the opium trade and the Chinese government's efforts to bring an end of it
Drinking in moderation
Intense devotion & loyalty to one's own people & country
An addictive drug that British merchants brought to China in order to gain a favorable balance of trade.
Spheres of ____ were established by European nations as they claimed Chinese territory for themselves
_____ Falls were discovered by Livingstone as he followed the Zamnbezi River.
Replaced romanticism as a new art form; pictured everyday life in realistic detail
Young ____ was an Italian nationalist group founded by Giuseppe Mazzini
Peasants who made up much of the Russian population and lived in a condition of virtual slavery
The ___ for Africa was the rush for European conquest of Africa.
The ____ of Terror was a period of mass executions during the French Revolution
The ____-Japanese War was a war in which Japan astonished the European states by quickly and decisively defeating the Russian army and navy