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Math Volume & Surface Area; Crossword puzzle

Studnet- 8th period: Sydney Key
The continuous line forming the boundary of a closed geometric figure.
A solid (3-dimensional) object which has six faces that are rectangles.
The area of the non-bases face(s) of a solid.
The extent or measurement of a surface or piece of land.
A mathematical relationship or rule expressed in symbols.
The surface that a 3-D object sits on; "bottom" of the figure.
A symmetrical three-dimensional shape, either solid or hollow, contained by six equal squares.
A solid object where the sides are triangles which meet at the top.
To find the lateral and total surface area of prisms. (Big P)
A round solid figure, or its surface, with every point on its surface equally spaced from its center.
A prism with the cross section of a triangle.
A solid geometric figure with straight parallel sides and a circular or oval cross section.
A pyramid having a triangular base.
A solid or hollow object that tapers from a circular or roughly circular base to a point.
The sum of all the faces (lateral & bases) of a 3-D figure.
Identical in form.
To find total surface area of prisms and volume of many 3-D figures. (Big B)
A solid geometric figure whose two end faces are similar, and whose sides are parallelograms.
A two-dimensional representation of a three- dimensional figure.