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Module 6-The Cell

Module 6: The Cell (2 of 3)
The organelle in animal cells responsible for hydrolysis reactions that break down proteins, polysaccharides, disaccharides, and some lipids
ER that is dotted with ribosomes
An organelle composed of an extensive network of folded membranes that performs several tasks within a cell
Vesicle formed at the plasma membrane to allow the absorption of large molecules
The organelles in which proteins and lipids are stored and then modified to suit the needs of the cell
Vacuoles that contain the waste products of digestion
The process by which a cell engulfs foreign substances or other cells
Organelles that store starches or oils
Vesicle that holds secretion products so that they can be transported to the plasma membrane and released
Organelles that contain pigments used in photosynthesis
A large vacuole that rests at the center of most plant cells and is filled with a solution that contains a high concentration of solutes
Spiral strands of protein molecules that form a tubelike structure
ER that has no ribosomes
Non-membrane-bound organelles responsible for protein synthesis
A vacuole that holds the matter which a cell engulfs