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Texas Geography

Tornadoes often occur in West and _____ Texas
Water we can see (lakes, rivers) (2 wds)
West Texas is known for being _____.
Farmers use _____ to bring water to their crops
Using something again instead of throwing it away
Swirling funnel of wind created by thunderstorms
_____ is a large port
An underground cave system that stores water
Anything found in nature and useful to people (2 wds)
Half of the Earth
Rain, _____, sleet, and snow are forms of precipitation.
South Texas is known for being _____
The study of the earth, including its physical features
To move _____ means to move away from the coast
A _____ is a form of protection against hurricanes.
Texas hurricanes develop in the Gulf of Mexico and the _____ Ocean
A nonrenewable resource that is plentiful in Texas
_____ depends partly on its computer industry
Separates Texas from Mexico (2 wds)
To limit the use of something
_____ started out as a trading post
A long steep slope or cliff
Water located below the surface, out of sight
Long narrow islands just off the coast, protect mainland from ocean waves (2 wds)
Controls warter flow and creates an artificial lake
Where groundwater comes to the surface
Cold air mass blowing into North, West, or Central TX, can drop 50 degrees
The condition of the air at one time or place
A slow-moving stream
We live in the _____ Plains region
Violent storm with high winds and heavy rains
Along with Mexico, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, it's one of Texas's neighbors
Where water meets land, clean rivers and streams
A natural or artificial lake used to store water
Storm with high wind and lots of snow
Chemicals and other harmful substances that can damage the environment
Large bowl-shaped depression
Level area higher than the surrounding land