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Algebra Chapter 3

Teacher: Mrs. Valdez
In an arithmetic sequence, the nonzero constant difference of any term and the previous term.
A graph with points plotted to show a possible relationship between two sets of data.
When both sets of data value increase.
A graph made up of connected lines or curves.
The input of a function.
When there is no relationship between two data sets of values.
The set of all first coordinates of a relation or function.
An element or number in the sequence.
When one set of data values increases as the other set decreases.
A relation in which every domain value is paired with exactly one range value.
The output of a function.
A sequence whose successive terms differ by the same nonzero number.
A line on a scatter plot that helps show the correlation between data sets more clearly.
The measure of the strength and direction of the relationship between two variables or data sets.
If x is the independent variable and y is the dependent variable.
A list of numbers that often form a pattern.
A graph made up of unconnected points.
The set of all second coordinates of a function or relation.