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Social Stratification in Hasidic Judaism

Puzzle Type: Educational
A person of non Jewish faith
Hasidic women prefer to speak ____ because it helps them communicate and interact in the secular world
Fader coins the term Hasidic ___ ____ to describe strengthening a person's ability to unquestioningly follow God's plans
What type of anthropological methodology does Fader use to conduct her research
The religious text that boys and men in Hasidic Judaism study
The language spoken by Hasidic Jews
The religious leader that Hasidic Jews call on for advice and guidance
A set of hierarchical relationships among different groups as though they were arranged in layers or strata
The ultimate authority in the life of a Hasidic Jew
Hasidic ____ (other word for faith) is the basis for Hasidic cultural beliefs about questioning and authority
The type of society in which the males are dominant in the family