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Mass wasting and landslide

The undisturbed material uphill of the scarp
It's the transfer or movement of rock/soil down slope primarily by gravity
Type of mass wasting that occurs when the landslide takes place in a curved manner(concave)
Type of mass wasting where pieces of rocks detached themselves to fall, bounce or roll downward the slope
The lower boundary of the movement below the original ground surface. This is the surface along which material slides.
Undisplaced material adjacent to the sides of the landslide. It usually describes the left and right lateral extents of the mass-wasting material.
Steep slope at the upper edge of the landslide (at the head), caused by movement of displaced material away from the undisturbed ground. The visible part of the slide surface
The downhill end of the slide. The most distant part of the slide from the main scarp.