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Hungry 4 Thanksgiving

Author: Salsa
Aching appetite. __ teaches us many things. Latin
Dribble. Spilled gravy can __ on the floor
You & I. __ like good food
Perform. 2 B happy, __ the Bible, don't just read it
Hawaiian porridge
Gratitude. Thanksgiving is 4 showing __
Concept. Saying Grace B4 meals is a good __
Macadamia, cashew or kukui
Means of commuting. Horse & carriage used to be __ to grandma's house
Ill. Forbidden fruit will make you __. Bunyan
Old Testament name for God, __ Shaddai
Egyptian actor, __ Sharif
Cook's kitchen (ab)
Pies, cakes & custards
Chicken. Don't be a mother __
Crispy. Fresh bread is soft, not __
Globe, sphere
That is (ab)
Water supply holes. Ingratitude dries up __
Big spoons
Snakelike fish
Unshuts. Mom __ the oven
Molars. Sink your __ into a pie
Instant messaging (ab)
Overtime (ab)
Finds. The ungrateful heart __ no mercies
Hearing organ or corn part.
Furry friend you feed under the table
Anointing or EVOO
Roaring big cat. The righteous are bold as a __
Who is responsible for my happiness?
Before (Old English)
Pilgrims sailed to colonies on this ship
Valentine shapes. Gratitude is born in __ that take time to count up past mercies. C. Jefferson
Short sleep. Take a __ after a big Thanksgiving dinner
Female sheep
Ingredients list 4 cooking
Squirrels, Deer, Antelope, Elk & Reindeer (ab)
Sweet, mashed or hash browns
Spiritual defection. A spirit of ingratitude is the 1st step towards __. A.Kauffman
2000 pounds
Tropical leaf used in idol offerings
Relax. __ & be thankful. Scottish inscription
Ice skating arena
Pagan statue or any God-substitute
Is there a ladder 2 heaven that is not the cross?
A measure or military group
It's a university, pudding, & grain thrown @ weddings
Recognize. It is the duty of all nations to __ the providence of God & to be grateful 4 His benefits. George Washington
Amsterdam river
Wrath. Enjoy life, end __
Owed. Jesus paid the $ __ 4 my sin
Full. O Lord that lends me life, Lend me a heart __ with thankfulness. Shakespeare
Waterfront. Watch 4 Mayflower @ the __
Go up. Trust & obey Jesus so U will __ when lowered into the ground
Regarding (ab)
Bloom. Gratitude is the fairest __ which springs from the soul. HW Beecher
Long playing (ab)
God. __ Volente= God Willing (Latin)
Extraterrestrial movie
New International Version (Bible)
Aroma. Enjoy the __ of pumpkin pie baking
Central Intelligence Agency (ab)
Old Leftover Yams (ab)
__ de Janeiro
Plant. We reap in a different season than we __
God calls Himself "I __ that I __"
Either __
Northeast (ab)