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Ch 6 Vocab-Metamorphic and Sedimentary

When temperature and pressure affect large regions of the Earth's crust producing large melts of metamorphism
Occurs when mineral growth glues sediment grains together into solid rock
When very hot water reacts with rock and alters its chemical and mineral composition
Horizontal layering
The percentage of open spaces between grains in a rock
The physical and chemical processes that transform sediments into sedimentary rocks
When a concentration of dissolved minerals in a body of water reaches saturation, can precipitate out of solutions and settle to the bottom forming layers of sedimentary rock
When molten material, such as an igneous intrusion, comes into contact with solid rock creating a local effect
Are formed from the abundant deposits of loose sediments that accumulate on Earth's surface
Continuous changing and remaking of rocks into other types
Inclined layers of sediment are deposited across a horizontal surface
Layers and bands of minerals in a metamorphic rock
Comes from the Greek word meaning broken, made from loose sediment
Small pieces of rock that are moved and deposited by water, wind, glaciers, and gravity
Metamorphic rocks mainly composed of minerals that form with blocky crystal shapes