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Science Chapter 20 Key Terms

Teacher: Chloe Naquin
Huge reddish loops of gas that link different parts of sunspot regions
Outer planets
Inner layer of the Sun's atmosphere
Life beyond Earth
Inner layer of the Sun's interior
Loose collections of ice, dust, and, small rocky particles
Middle layer of the Sun's interior
Streams of electrically charged particles
Chunk of rock or dust in space
Trapping of heat in the atmosphere
Middle layer of the Sun's atmosphere
Solid inner core of a comet
Explosions on the sun
Broad ,thin discs of ice and rock
Fuzzy outer layer of a comet made out of clouds of gas and dust
Outside of the Sun's atmosphere
Region of asteroids that revolve around the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
Oval shape
Streak of light in the sky
Inner planets
Cooler spots on the sun
The process of which the Sun gets its energy
Rocky objects in space to small to be planets
Sun centered model
A meteoroid that has passed through Earth and hits its surface
Spherical region of comets that surrounds the solar system