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The Road to the American Revolution

King III tightens control over Massachusetts by closing Boston Harbor and quartering troops.
Colonist dumped 18,000 lbs of East India Company tea on the Boston Habor
A tax law requiring colonists to purchase special stamps to prove payment of tax
British troops stationed in Boston are taunted by an angry mob. The troops fire into a crowd killing 5 colonists.
What occurred in 1775
Minuteman intercept the British and engage in battle - first at Lexington and then Concord
Convinced many neutral colonists to support independence from Britain
Colonists harass stamp distributors, boycotts British goods, and prepare a Declaration of Rights and Grievances
Britain taxes certain colonial imports and stations troops at major colonial ports to protect customer officers.
What act occurred in 1765
What act occurred in 1774
Colonial leaders form the First Continental Congress and draw up a declaration of colonial rights
Britain gives the East India Company special concessions in the colonial tea business and shuts out colonial tea merchants.
What act occurred in 1767
General Gage ordered troops to march to Concord and seize colonial weapons.
What act occurred in 1773
What occurred in 1770
Colonial agitators label the conflict a massacre and publish a dramatic engraving depicting the violence
Colonist protest taxation without representation and organized a new boycott of goods
Author of Common Sense