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Christian Matlock

Sir Wilona: Wilona Smith
What disease began to start?
What was a problem the pilgrims faced?
Where were the sinners afraid of going?
What was the name of the ship the pilgrims sailed on?
All powerful?
Captain Smith and his men were attacked by who?
A place for worshiping god.
Where did the pilgrims end up at the end of their voyage?
Led an expedition on the Chickahominy River?
Where did Powhatan send John with twelve guides?
The wind broke what?
The Queen of Appotomattoc gave John water to wash his what?
Where did the pilgrims intend to land?
The priest?
What did the seamen drink a lot of?
Where was John led to be kindly feasted and used.
What religious faith were the sinners?
A speech given by the priest.
What were the sinners afraid of doing?
In Werowocomoco who was the Emperor?
John withstood for a half an hour before being tied to what ?