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A disease or disaster
Site of the temple in land claimed by Israel 1400-1300 BCE
Egyptian king
Lead the Hebrews out of Egypt
First to believe in one god only 1800 BCE
Father of the 12 tribes of Israel
Five books of many laws
Written in stone
Destroyed temple, took most Jews away 586 BCE
Ruled Israel 400 years 63 BCE - 350 CE
A king of Israel
2 wds Genesis-Malachi (39 books)
Attacked Israel, sent many Jews away 700BCE
2 wds Blocked escape of Hebrews until...
Built first temple
Giant Philistine
Process of removing all Jews from Israel 722-73 CE
Promised land
Only child of Abraham and Sarah
Military leader who attacked the Canaanite tribes
Refurbished 2nd temple, originally built in 6th century BCE