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E.S. Ch 5 - Evolution/Community Ecology

Changes in DNA that may be passed on to the next generation
Change over time
Organism's rank in a feeding hierarchy is its __________ level
Non-native organisms that spread widely in a community are _________ species
The ability to survive and reproduce under changing environmental conditions
Another name for a consumer
A heritable trait that increases an individual's fitness
Plant eater
Process producers use to make food
Relationship in which one species benefits and the other is not affected
Organisms that consume nonliving organic matter
Process where two species evolve in response to each other
Long lasting physically close relationship in which at least one organism benefits
Organisms with restricted tolerance ranges
Species that has a strong or wide-reaching effect on a community
How reproductively successful an organism is in its environment
Individual from one species eats individual from another species
Biological evolution that occurs by chance is genetic _____.
Predictable series of changes over time in a community
Plant and animal eater
A niche restricted by competition is a _________ niche
Sequence of DNA that codes for a particular trait
Type of competition that occurs between organisms of the same species
Relationship in which one organism benefits, and the other is harmed
The disappearance of a species from Earth
Another name for a primary producer
The process by which new species are generated
An organism's use of resources and its functional role in a community