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Newborn Health Vocabulary

Extraordinary Nursing Professor: Valerie Bader
___mg/dl; lowest level of normal blood glucose in a baby
Type of heat loss that occurs when water is converted to a vapor
Also known as Vitamin K
Sebaceous glands on the face
Neutral ___ Environment; baby uses minimal oxygen and glucose here.
____ screening; a blood test done on all newborns to test for many autosomal recessive diseases that cause disease
Collection of blood between the cranial bones and the periosteal membrane.
____ Minute. The lengths of time you should listen to the heart or lungs to count heart rate or respiratory rate.
___ Ovale; opening between left and right atria during fetal life
___ Breathing- pauses in respiratory movements that can last up to 20 seconds.
Phospholipids that support alveolar expansion and stability
Antibodies acquired in utero at about 36 weeks
Yellowish undertones to the skin from hyperbilirubinemia
All newborns are ___ nose-breathers.
Also called the startle reflex
An early sign of infection in a newborn.
This ointment is put in the lower conjunctival sac within an hour after birth to prevent eye infection.
The umbilical cord contains ___ arteries and one vein.
The first stool
Fine downy hair in premature infants
This type of hemoglobin, unique to newborns has a higher affinity for oxygen than adult hemoglobin
An ____ can only be given in the vastus lateralis muscle.
___Toxicum; normal newborn rash
The safest spot in any vehicle for a car seat is the ___ of the back seat.
Less than 2500 grams at birth