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Earth Science Vocabulary

Name: Zack Hughes
Thin top layer of the Earth.
An animal that only eats meat.
Made of rock that lies between the the outer core and the crust.
An organism that produces its own food.
When the tectonic plates move, rub, colide, or seperate.
Plates that move anlog the ithosphere and cause earthquakes when they rub or even move.
The wearing down of rock.
An organism that brakes down a dead organism and returns nutriants to the earth for the producers.
Liquid and has iron, nickel, and sulfur in it.
An animal that both eats both plants and meat.
A land form that got carved out by a river; the Grand ____.
The movement of the rock that is being weathered.
Natrual substances that are found in the earth.
An area that got carved out by a glacier or a river.
Slow moving layer that the tectonic plates move on.
The depositing of the rock that has been weathered and eroded.
The rigid outer part of the mantle.
The center of the earth and is rigid with the samr elements in it and the outer core.
An animal that only eats plants.
Much bigger than hills but stick out like them.
An organism that depends of another for food to eat.