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The Revolutionary War

Made By: Alexis Lynch
Treaty that declared the end of the Revolutionary War
Important Georgia city during the war
Most famous casualty of the attack on Georgia's capital. (he was a polish businessman)
Group that was "loyal" to Britain
Second bloodiest battle of the Civil war that only lasted 90 minutes.
Most important revolutionary battle fought in Georgia
Group that wanted independence from Great Britain
A nickname for the patriots
British commander
Helped the patriots win the important battle against the British
One of Georgia's three declaration singers. He also became a secretary from the 2nd Continental congress.
A nickname for loyalists
King of England during the Revolutionary War
A slave who joined the Whigs
Type of fighting used during the most important Georgia battle
Royal governor of Georgia
Georgia's frontier
One of Georgia's three declaration signers. He was killed in a duel.
One of Georgia's three declaration signers. He was a doctor and a minister from New England.
6 foot tall red-headed woman who killed possibly six British soldiers