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ART Quarter 1 Review

Teacher: Ms. Lang
The part of shading that lays on the surface the form is sitting on and is behind the form. (2 words)
Deliberate destruction or damage of property.
The part of shading that is closest to the lightsource and the brightest.
The color scheme that uses only tints/shades of a single color.
The line that forms the apparent boundary between the earth and the sky. (2 words)
Blue's complementary color.
Means "The day of the dead" in Spanish.
A color mixed with white to lighten up the color.
A color scheme that uses 3 colors that are equally apart.
The lightness or darkness of color.
One of the principles of effective logo design that starts with an S.
Gradual change from one thing to something else.
A type of graffiti style that has 9 letters.
The human eye can only see 3 types of this.
A 3-letter style of graffiti.
A color mixed with black to darken the color.
The point on the horizon line where parallel lines appear to meet. (2 words)
One of the principles of effective logo design that starts with an A.
The arrangement of elements/forms in a work of art.
A color scheme that uses 3 colors all right next to eachother.
The perceived volume of a shape.
A 6-letter PRIMARY color.
A SECONDARY color that has 5 letters.
A style of graffiti that makes the letters look like blocks.
The difference between 2 things.
The medium used to create a print. (Not paint)
One thing stands out or is most noticeable. (A principle of design)
A line that meets itself someplace.
The tool used to spread ink onto your plate when you are printmaking.
The final artwork that is created from the plate in the printmaking process.