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List 10 Geography

A small mass of land surrounded by water.
A plain in the mountains;tableland.
A flattop hill with steep sides, common in dry areas.
Extremely hot.
A book of maps.
A port where ships and boats can dock safely.
A narrow channel connecting 2 larger bodies of water.
A warm tropical sea.
The people from Europe.
People from the continent of Asia.
A tube which water erupts from.
A large body of ice floating in water.
A real or imaginary limit between 2 properties.
A structure build by the Egyptian people.
The weather in a certain region.
Relating to the area around the north pole.
The fertile land that collects at the mouth of some rivers.
A narrow strip of land connecting 2 larger bodies of land.
An area with a dry hot climate and very little rainfall.
A cold ocean located in the northern hemisphere.
An area with lots of mountain ranges.
A group of many islands.
The study of the earths surface.
One of the halves of the earth.
A land mass usually with several countries upon it.
The line that divides the world into North South hemispheres.
A stream that flows into a larger body of water.
Extremely cold.
An artificial water way designed for boat travel.
A small tip of land stretching out into a body of water.
Without bend or curve; not crooked.