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Thoughts for Thanksgiving!

May be related by blood or friends with common values.
Commonly known as the horn of plenty.
The final touch for Tom.
The destination in traveling over the river and through the woods.
Not a table utensil at the original Thanksgiving Feast.
Macy's has been sponsoring this event since 1926.
Substitute for turkey without the size.
You can mash them, roast them or candy them.
Ballroom dance to ragtime music from the 20's.
Smells wafting through the air as you walk into the kitchen.
Company known for creating the oldest parade in the country.
The original pilgrims disembarked from this vessel.
Time of the year for reaping.
The infamous side dish at the church potluck dinner.
A great addition to gravy.
A nice complement served in stemware.
You would find this inside a fowl, but never a ham.
Believed by some to make one sleepy.
Get up at dawn, stand in long lines to buy things you don't need and go home thinking how much money you saved.
Ben Franklin said it should have been the official U S bird.
A dessert made from squash.
The pause and acknowledgement of blessings before a meal.
Drop it. If it bounces, it is ripe.
The official game of the day.
The falling leaves and beautiful colors depict the season.