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Beckstrand homework: Jessica Guymon
Families that include children from previous marriage.
One spouse at a time.
When you marry someone you have a lot in common. (the more in common the more successful the marriage.)
A husband is married to several wives at a time.
Females hold the authority.
Males hold the authority.
Relatives legally or biological. Cousins, aunts...
Social mores that say you must marry within your group. -Religion, race, age/generation, social class.
Family takes females name.
Plural marriage; more than one spouse at a time.
Both male and female share authority.
One wife is married to several males at a time.
Newly married couple lives near/with females family.
Newly married couple inspire to be independant in a household.
Social mores that say you must marry outside of your group. -Family, Gender.
Immediate family, parents and their children.
The legally or formally recognized union of people as partners in a relationship.
Family takes males name.
Tracing lineage through both male and female sides of family.
Tracing lineage through females side of the family.
Tracing lineage through male's side of family.
Newly married couple lives near/with males family.