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French Revolution!

brett: brett
A famous government system in Europe
Weapon used to cut off heads
Society order in the hierarchy.
King during french revolution
A movement during the French revolution for gender equality
The and finance minister of Louis XVI.
Event that started the french revolution.
A panic that occurred between 17 July and 3 August 1789
Lawyer who was a key influence on the french revolution.
Second class in france
French economist and statesman.
A sentence of death
First name Denis. Enlightenment Philosopher.
Deputy from Paris
Enlightenment author
First major event in french revolution
Became general early in revolution
Top class in france
King during French revolution
1st Comte, nlisted as a private in the French royal army and rose to command armies during the French Revolutionary Wars.
Political group in france, many members were guitened
An excuse used by kings to grab power
Not really short, short general
Palace made by Louis XIII
Palace in Paris which stood on the River Seine
Lowest class in france
a member of the Jacobin Club, a revolutionary political movement that had been the most famous political club of the French Revolution.