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Spelling Crossword Puzzle

Author: Hunter McLaurin
I ______ the ball in my glove as it went by me.
My brother and I _____ over the new toy.
The ______from the TV was so loud, my mom told me to turn it down.
The boy _____ a blue coat to school.
My mom left an apple on the counter too long and it began to ______.
The ______ sat in Santa's lap and told him what he wanted for Christmas.
I do not like true or ______ questions on a test.
My mom and dad gave me a big ______ to do at home.
My mom said to always be ______ to animals.
I heard my dog ______ at the stranger.
I began to _____ when I was 6 months old.
I pressed ______ on the remote control so I could watch the movie later.
My dog hurt his _____ on a thorn.
They had to prove there was no ______ the man was guilty.