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Marine Vocabulary

Puzzle Type: Educational
A warm-blooded animal with hair that breathes air and nurses its live-borne young
An object's ability to float in a liquid or air like kelp in salty sea water
A submarine vehicle used in ocean studies
The process by which green plants like kelp use energy from sunlight to produce sugar and oxygen from carbon dioxide and water
An organism, like bacterium, that causes the decay of dead plant and animal matter
The division of the ocean into three layers -sunlit, twilight and midnight, showing where certain plants and animals reside
Degradation of the natural environment like trash that makes its way to the ocean
An animal that eats dead plants or animals or their parts often found in the twilight or midnight zones
An animal that eats other animals and plants
An animal with a backbone
A body part that helps a plant or animal survive in its environment like a fish's gills
The use of echoes to navigate or locate prey - whales use this
When an animal no longer exists
A respiratory adaptation fish have where blood vessels absorb oxygen from the water and release carbon dioxide into the water