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Articles 4-7 of The Constitution

Uncle Sam: Created by Ms. Bourgeois
Name of Republican currently running for president
Supreme Law of the Land
How many of the Amendments are part of the Bill of Rights?
Name of our current President
A procedure for returning a person charged with a crime to the state where the crime was committed
How many ways are there to Amend the Constitution?
First state to ratify the Constitution
How many Articles to the Constitution?
Abbreviation for your school
School Mascot
Name of this class
There are 27 of these to the Constitution
Officially Approve
What is your Civics teacher's name?
Which Amendment abolished slavery and included changing the provision about recapturing a runaway slave
Which Clause ensures that each state be run as a representative democracy
All state and federal officials must take this saying they will support the Constitution
How many branches of government are there in our Constitution?
Our Constitution is a _________ Document
Clause that states when state law is in conflict with federal law -- federal law must prevail