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Pilgrim's Thanksgiving

Author: Salsa
Colonists who sailed 2 the New World 4 religious liberty
Iced. Pilgrims did not serve __ dinners 4 Thanksgiving
Dinghy, mini rescue boat
Turkey leg favorite
Legislation. Does it take an __ of Congress 2 get the turkey carved?
God willing= __ volente (Latin)
Pilgrims' ship
Mini barn
Iniquity of ingratitude
Hazardous. The voyage 2 the New World & life here was __ 4 settlers
Creator. My __, let me remember You with gratitude. Augustine
After-dinner sweet treat. Pumpkin pie is a __
Not domestic. Pilgrims voyaged 2 __ soil
Roasted nuts (ab)
Impressive. Thanksgiving is a __ feast
Thanksgiving month
Frozen water. Pilgrims skated on thin __ when arguing with Algonquins
Indian clan
Food fish. The Mayflower 1st sighted Cape __, Massachusetts
Boulder. Plymouth __
Elude. Pilgrims fled England to __ religious persecution
Turkey talk & what we do @ Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving event w/marching bands & floats
Good food U nibble 4 days after feast
Native Americans
Savory bread cube dish
French 4 "yes"
Top dog like Bradford, expert, high card
Fortress. Pocahantas & Squanto visited the __ of London
Pilgrims' & Puritans' faith
Tug a drumstick
Plead (what dogs do under Thanksgiving table)
United States __ America
Sack 4 leftovers
Pine summit from which Squanto watched 4 the Mayflower
Mayflowers' floors
Bad habit like betting on football or overeating
Yours truly. Who likes pumpkin pie?
Railroad (ab)
Inactive. __ hands don't help prepare Thanksgiving dinner
Corn on the __