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Latin II #3-nouns-case,verb- person, number

Food: 2nd decl.nom singular
You (plural) are
In Italy: 1st decl.abl.singular
In the city: 3rd decl.abl.plural
Through the door: 1st decl.acc.sing.
Into the house
Why are you shouting?: 2nd person plural
Out of tree: 3rd decl.acc sing.
Into the city
Quiet: Vocative
Prepare:2nd person sing.
Remain: 1st person singular
In the city
Field:2nd decl.acc. singular
Mother:3rd decl. acc. singular
We are
Nominative plural-boy
Accusative singular-father
Wolf: 2nd decl.nom plural
Ablative plural-girl
Near streams: 2nd decl. acc.plural
Doorkeeper: 3rd decl. acc. singular
Boys are running
Tree:3rd decl.nom. plural
Prepare: 1st person plural
Out of the forest: 1st decl. abl.sing.
Are:3rd person plural
Voice: 3rd decl.acc. singular
On the branch
Boy: 2nd decl. acc. plural
Not to wish: 1st person sing.