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physical science crossword

Teacher: Jeanne Lubbering
Formed in fire
Donates hydrogen ions
The product of the force and the distance moved
Accepts hydrogen ions
Age of fishes
_________ bond: atoms are held together by mutual attraction
Chemical reaction in which there is a release of energy
Any material made up of one type of atom
Atomic number 24
....directly proportional to the net force, is in the same direction and inversely proprtionalto the mass of the object.
Horizontal row on the periodic table
Distance from the midpoint to the crest of the wave
Internal layer: 1216 km thick
______ cloud is the region beyond the Kuiper belt populated by ice bodies
The oval path followed by a satellite
Crystalline metamorphosed limestone.
Tides that occur when sun, moon, and earth are aligned
Era known as the age of mammals
Molten rock in Earth's interior
Third rock from the sun
Top part of the lithosphere
These tides occur when the moon is midway between new and full
Circular or spiral whirl patterns
Orginated in the Kuiper belt (downgraded from planet)
This plate rides between SA plate and Pacific plate
_____bond is a bond in which the compound is held together by the transfer of electric charges
_______ lifting occurs when an air mass moves over a topographic barrier
Deep oceanic trenches are formed by this type of plate action
Tendency of mineral to break along planes
Potassium feldspar
500 km above the earth
These are responsible for element's behavior in a chemical reaction
A combination of two or more substances in which each substance retains its chemical properties
Any object that is projected by some means and continues in its motion
Volcano type
Nuclear _________ is the splitting of the atomic nucleus into two smaller halves
Contains both silicon and oxygen
Newton's first law: law of _________
Formed during carboniferous and into the Permian periods
A wiggle in space and time
Age of dinosaurs
Native element
An aggregate of minerals
_________ theory holds that the sun and planets formed from gas and dust
2885 km thick
Most of the land surface you see is formed by this action (wind and water)
One of four outer planets
Molecules in which there is a dipole are said to be this.
Ice and dust body that orbits the sun
Stands for the probability (or potential of hydrogen)