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irregular verbs

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Kay Rea
I _____ the flue but I'm better now.
I _____ to California and back by myself.
I __ that movie three times.
My little brother ___ a fish.
Put the food on the table.slept
My mother ___ me some soup when I was sick
My aunt ___ me to cook.
When he was on vacation, he ___ to his girlfriend every day.
The children ___ the bus to school.
What___ you do last weekend?
I had a party and Mary ______
Tom was so thirsty he ___ a gallon of water
I ___ for ten hours last night.
She ____ to the movie theater after work.
Christopher Columbus ____ the world was round.
I ____ a new coat at Sears.
He got a new bike for his birthday.
When the bride came in the room , we ___ up
We ____ at the new restaurant last night.
We ___ as fast as we could when we saw the bear.
The book I ____ last night was wonderful.