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Science SQ Puzzle from p104-9, 258-259

1. Newton's Laws of Motion: J Cuff-Alvarado
Herschell identified "calorific rays" which later were named _____________
What part of the EMS was discovered in 1900?
The type of tide when sun, earth and moon are all in alignment
Who thought that stars and planets are whorled around in vortices
Who designed a torsion balance apparatus to measure the mass of earth?
Who redefined gravity by using four dimensional space time?
In 1674, who wrote An Attempt to Prove the Motion of the Earth?
A force that opposes motion
A body at test stays at rest
Whose experiment studied the temperatures of various colors?
Who discovered ultraviolet radiation?
When the sun's gravitational pull counteracts the moon's pull, you have this tide
If the distance between 2 masses is decreased, the gravitational force they exert on each other is __________
William Herschel was born in what country?
Whose mathematical equations linked electric and magnetic effects into a single phenomenon?
Who used an incline to measure the rate of fall during the 16th century?
Name the technique that can split light into a spectrum
An objects mass is concentrated here at this one point
Who discovered x-rays?
Which wavelength is more susceptible to diffraction? Blue or Red
A change in velocity
A theoretical particle proposed by quantum theory
Newton's biographer