Grammar Crossword Puzzles

Each Grammar Printable Activity or Grammar Vocabulary Game below was created using Crossword Hobbyist’s easy-to-use crossword puzzle maker.

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DISCLAIMER: All Grammar Activities below were created by users of Crossword Hobbyist. These puzzles are not curated for relevance or accuracy, so we strongly suggest you verify a puzzle meets your standards before using it in a class.

Greek and Latin Prefixes -trans, -tele (4 ratings)
Adjectives - Español (1 ratings)
Year 8 Grammar 1 (1 ratings)
Spanish I -- Reflexive Verbs (1 ratings)
French II, verbs, present tense (1 ratings)
I Nouns (No ratings)
Verb of the day (No ratings)
Caesar's English Prefix and Suffix Crossword (No ratings)
Prefixes and Roots (No ratings)
VERBS (No ratings)
Ch. 2 Reflexive Verbs (No ratings)
Prefixes II (No ratings)
Prefixes of the Metric System (No ratings)
add-ons make a verb (No ratings)
LOM Ch 3/16 Suffixes (No ratings)
F Verbs (No ratings)
Latin Verbs (No ratings)
-IR -RE Verbs! (No ratings)
French 2 TEB 9C Verbs (No ratings)
Prefix/Suffix (No ratings)
I Nouns (No ratings)
Adding Suffixes to cvc, cvcc, and cvce Words (No ratings)
The English Grammar (No ratings)
Isaac Limtiaco & Isabella Acosta's Grammar Crossword Puzzle (No ratings)
Verbs - TEB 1 Unité 9C (No ratings)
Spooktacular Adjectives Vocabulary (No ratings)
10.2 Review & 11.1 Verbs (No ratings)
Verbs Gustar - Encantar (No ratings)
SSP -F: Verb Tense Practice (No ratings)
Bones, Prefixes and Suffixes (No ratings)
IR Verbs and Verbs like Prendre (No ratings)
PSSA Grammar Vocabulary (No ratings)
Infinitive verbs w/definition (No ratings)
Prefix Puzzle (No ratings)
Camp Champ 8Th Grade Prefixes (No ratings)
Prefix - pre- (No ratings)
Suffix: -ness (No ratings)
Lesson 22 Suffixes -ion,tion,cion (No ratings)
Heart Words and Consonant suffixes (No ratings)
Boot Verbs: ue & i (No ratings)
prefix retro: back-anti: against (No ratings)
Spanish Adjectives (No ratings)
Foods (nouns) (No ratings)
CHapter 1 Vocab/Verbs (No ratings)
Past tenses of verbs 5/22/2018 (No ratings)
Adjectives (No ratings)
Past participles as Adjectives (No ratings)
Reflexive Verbs (No ratings)
verb tenses (in English) (No ratings)
Regular VERBS -er/-ir/-re (No ratings)
Caput XX Verb Forms (No ratings)
Review - Regular Verb Conjugation (No ratings)
Words with Prefixes (No ratings)
Body Parts / REFLEXIVE VERBS (No ratings)
Regular AR verbs (No ratings)
English Grammar (No ratings)
"UV" Verb Group (No ratings)
More Verbs with Irregular Preterite Stems (No ratings)
Famille - Possessive adjectives (No ratings)
Latin II Verbs (No ratings)
Regular verb review (No ratings)
Adjectives (No ratings)
common AR, ER, IR verbs (No ratings)
Mineral Mania - Adjectives (No ratings)
Adjectives: Feelings (No ratings)
Irregular Verbs (No ratings)
Verbs (No ratings)
Medical Suffixes (No ratings)
Chap 15-Combining/Prefix/Suffix Forms (No ratings)
Spanish regular verbs/ verb infinitives (No ratings)
List 15: Prefixes (No ratings)
Likes and Dislikes - Nouns and Verbs (No ratings)
reflexive verbs crossword (No ratings)
South America and -it suffixes (No ratings)
Grammar Review (No ratings)
PREFIXES (No ratings)
Words To Know 3 Verbs (No ratings)
Greek & Latin Prefixes (No ratings)
ar verb (No ratings)
D Adjective (No ratings)
Prefixes (No ratings)
G Words (Verbs and Adjectives) (No ratings)
Nouns to know (No ratings)
suffixes (No ratings)
Spanish To be /Ser verb (No ratings)
Verbs in Pass Tense (No ratings)
Suffixes / Surgical Procedures (No ratings)
Adjectives and feelings (No ratings)
Latin Nouns-first and second declension (No ratings)
unit 1 prefix crossward puzzle (No ratings)
Prefixes Bi and Uni (No ratings)
Roots/Prefixes 1st nine weeks (No ratings)
Cognates (nouns) (No ratings)
Adjectives- Scary Night (No ratings)
Fun with Adjectives (No ratings)
Verbs in the Past (No ratings)
feminine nouns (No ratings)
SER(doctor verb) vs. ESTAR(Place verb) (No ratings)
It's all about VERBS -- Present Tense (No ratings)
"AR" and "ER" Verbs (No ratings)
A Verbs (No ratings)
Vocab Man Choose 30+ verbs (No ratings)
The Four Verb Stems (No ratings)
Verbs Ending in -GER (No ratings)
Review - Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives (No ratings)
-al, -ial, and -ic suffixes (No ratings)
-AR ENDING VERBS (No ratings)
Adding Suffixes to cvce words (No ratings)
Prefixes (No ratings)
PREFIXES (No ratings)
Prefix: ab- away from (No ratings)
AR Verbs (No ratings)
If I Were A Marmoset--nouns and msc words (No ratings)
Personality Adjectives (No ratings)
suffix -ish (somewhat, related to, having the characteristic of (No ratings)
Verbs (No ratings)
Write the past tense of the verb (No ratings)
Prefix a_. to towards, near, addition, by (No ratings)
Adjectives (No ratings)
Contractions and the Prefix im- (No ratings)
Grammar Vocabulary (No ratings)
To Bee or not to Bee (Nouns) (No ratings)
Latin Verb Review (No ratings)
Suffixes -ion & -tion (No ratings)
Prefix Review (No ratings)
Write the -ing form of the verb. (No ratings)
Test on Proper Nouns (No ratings)
Prefixes and Roots Crossword (No ratings)
Preterite stem changing verbs (No ratings)
Chapter 1 Crossword Puzzle B: Prefixes & Suffixes (No ratings)
-er, -ir verbs (No ratings)
Verb Puzzle (No ratings)
verb of the day/clothing (No ratings)
AR VERBS 1 (No ratings)
Stem Changing Verbs (No ratings)
Ch3-4 Suffixes for Medical Term (No ratings)
Prefix/Suffix (No ratings)
Stem-changing verbs Present Tense (No ratings)
er verb conjugation + to have (No ratings)
PREFIXES LIST 2 (No ratings)
ER Verbs + Avoir, Etre (No ratings)
Lesson 12 - Prefixes (No ratings)
Common verbs conjugation quiz 2 (No ratings)
adjectives (No ratings)
Red Prefixes (No ratings)
Stem Changing Verbs (No ratings)
Power Verbs (No ratings)
B Adjectives (No ratings)
C Verbs (No ratings)
Veterinary/Medical Prefixes & Suffixes (No ratings)
PARTS OF VERBS (No ratings)
German Nouns- Fruits (No ratings)
Vocabulary Builder- Prefixes (No ratings)
F Nouns (No ratings)
Prefixes (No ratings)
Adjectives + SER (No ratings)
AAS Step 12 - Vowel Suffixes (No ratings)
Ar-er-ir verbs in spanish (No ratings)
Verbs To Know 1 (No ratings)
Suffixes -ive, -age, & -ize (No ratings)
Spanish Adjectives (No ratings)
Janney Prefixes (No ratings)
Ar verb pretirit tense. (No ratings)
PREFIX-FORE (No ratings)
7th Regular & Irregular Verbs (No ratings)
Prefixes and Root Words (No ratings)
Spanish I/ Refexive verbs unit (No ratings)
SP Lesson 32: Negative Prefixes (No ratings)
Prefixes and Suffixes (No ratings)
Prepositions and Verbs (No ratings)
Prefixes re- and pre- (No ratings)
AR Preterite Tense verbs (No ratings)
Spelling with Suffixes Crossword (No ratings)
go go verbs (No ratings)
Words To Know 2a Adjectives (No ratings)
Nouns (No ratings)
Action Verbs of the Apostles (No ratings)
Realidades 1 Ch. 1B - Adjectives (No ratings)
Latin II #3-nouns-case,verb- person, number (No ratings)
Regular Important Verbs plus (No ratings)
Adjectival Suffixes (No ratings)
Tighe Web Appendix C Suffixes A-M (No ratings)
Prefix dif-, dis-, dys= away, negative, not (No ratings)
irregular past participles to verbs (No ratings)
Chapter 1A Infinitive Verbs - Realidades (No ratings)
Garden Grammar (No ratings)
Prefixes: mega-, megal-, megalo- (No ratings)
Vocabulary Prefix Study: TRI- & QUAD- (No ratings)
Verbs - Basic (No ratings)
Adjectives we use with ESTAR & TENER espressions (No ratings)
Write the -ing form of the verb. (No ratings)
34. Other Suffixes (No ratings)
DE & DIS PREFIXES (No ratings)
Adjectives with Ser/Estar (No ratings)
Words with Suffixes (No ratings)
Grammar Help #1 (counts as a quiz) (No ratings)
Medical Prefixes (No ratings)
Verb (No ratings)
Chapter 3; Suffixes (& more!) (No ratings)
The Suffix "ance" (No ratings)
Suffix: -less (No ratings)
Irregular Verbs & Assorted (No ratings)
Life in the Treetops: Verb Search (No ratings)
Let´s practice the verb IR. (No ratings)
G Nouns (No ratings)
Past Tense Verbs (No ratings)
Les Activities and ER Verbs (No ratings)
Common Prefixes (No ratings)
Suffixes (No ratings)
Common Root Words and Suffixes (No ratings)
Latin Prefixes (No ratings)
Stem-Changing Verbs! (No ratings)
Vocabulary Builder- Prefixes (cont) (No ratings)
Suffixes -ion (No ratings)
actividades (note verbs will be in infinitive form (end in'r') (No ratings)
Verbs with irregular past participles in the composed past (No ratings)
Verbs like "Tener" (No ratings)
adjectives (No ratings)
Verbs followed by infinitives (No ratings)
Nouns: El and La Review (No ratings)
Latin Adjectives/Adverb (No ratings)
All Things Grammar (No ratings)
Venture Into Verbs (No ratings)
Latin Prefix Meanings #1-10 (No ratings)
masculine nouns (No ratings)
More Fun with Adjectives (No ratings)
Inflectional Ending -ed & Irregular Verbs (No ratings)
Adjectives (No ratings)
Poly prefix (No ratings)
Verbs Oct. 19 (No ratings)
subjunctive verbs: match the verb and the subject (No ratings)
Noun Endings (No ratings)
Stem-Changing Verbs E-IE Conjugations (No ratings)
Verbs with IRREGULAR Yo forms (No ratings)
Prefix non- and Latin Roots Modified (No ratings)
Adjectives and Colors (No ratings)
adjectives in masc. singular form. (No ratings)
Unit 15 & 16 Verbs (No ratings)
Prefixes, Suffixes and Roots (No ratings)
past participles of irregular verbs in the composed past (No ratings)
Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 Prefixes and Suffixes Crossword Review (No ratings)
What is the past form of these verbs? (No ratings)
AR Verbs (No ratings)
que te gusta hacer-nouns (No ratings)
Prefix port means "carry" (No ratings)
Sort 4: Suffixes -ion and -ian (No ratings)
Verbs ending in ir (No ratings)
suffixes--ly&ful (No ratings)
Prefixes & Roots (No ratings)
SUFFIXES (No ratings)
Vocabulary Verbs (No ratings)
Suffixes (No ratings)
Linking Verbs, etc. (No ratings)
Verb Conjugations!! (No ratings)
4 verbs (No ratings)
Spanish 3 "Common -ir Verbs" (No ratings)
ESL Intermediate 1 - Prefixes (No ratings)
Monster Adjective crossword (No ratings)
prefixes: pro-, in- (No ratings)
Spelling - suffix "ly" (No ratings)
Adjectives - Vocabulary 1.2 p. 69 (No ratings)
Non Action and Simple Past Verbs (No ratings)
Grammar Terms (No ratings)
Sandy is a Grammar Police Lieutenant (No ratings)
Prefixes & Suffixes (No ratings)
Spanish Verbs (No ratings)
Past tense of irregular verbs (No ratings)
er and ir regular verbs (No ratings)
Stem Changing Verbs (e to i) (No ratings)
Phrasal verbs #1 (No ratings)
ER verbs (No ratings)
Numbers, days, months, verbs (No ratings)
-ant Suffixes (No ratings)
UNIT 1--week 2 (PREFIXES) (No ratings)
-AR Verb Conjugations (No ratings)
MEDICAL AR VERBS 1 (No ratings)
Adjectives (No ratings)
Grammar Quiz #2 (No ratings)
D Verbs (No ratings)
Chameleons: Verb search (No ratings)
Words with Prefixes! (No ratings)
Prefixes "fore," "pre," "post" (No ratings)
REFLEXIVE Verbs (No ratings)
15. Negative prefixes (No ratings)
medical ar verb list 3 (No ratings)
Grammar Terms (No ratings)
Review of "IR" and some adverbs (No ratings)
Regular -ER Verb Infinitives (No ratings)
Prefix: retro-, an-, anti- (No ratings)
H Noun (No ratings)
Adjectives (No ratings)
Translation of Nouns (No ratings)
Verbs through ch. 7 (No ratings)
spn 121 ar verb list 2 (No ratings)
Chapter 1 Crossword Puzzle: Word Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes (No ratings)
Vocabulary - adjectives 1 (No ratings)
SF Adjectives Review (Week 5) (No ratings)
French adjectives (No ratings)
Prefixes (No ratings)
Greek Suffixes (No ratings)
Crossword Adjectives Puzzle (No ratings)
Week Two: Prefixes: -un and -dis (No ratings)
verbs to know (No ratings)
mixed verbs and tenses, III (No ratings)
Prefixes/Words with ei and ie (No ratings)
Novice Verbs - Plural (No ratings)
Grammar Unit 1 (No ratings)
Latin Grammar (No ratings)
re verbs and other words (No ratings)
Verb Search (No ratings)
Ch.3 Suffixes (No ratings)
linking verbs (No ratings)
Grammar Basics (No ratings)
Negative Prefixes (No ratings)
B Verbs (No ratings)
Ready Gen-Unit 3-Module A Prefixes: -im, -in (No ratings)
Non Cout Nouns (No ratings)
Adjectives with SER/ESTAR (No ratings)
Le Petit Prince Chapter 4 verbs (No ratings)
adjectives with ser and estar (No ratings)
Stem-changing verbs (No ratings)
GL I - Root words, prefixes, suffixes &nexercise words (No ratings)
-IR VERBS (No ratings)
Past Tense verbs (No ratings)
Vocab Ch 9.1 (verbs) & Ch. 8 Review (No ratings)
Spanish 1A: "ar" verb conjugations (No ratings)
Fantastic Flier: adjectives (No ratings)
Non Action Verbs (No ratings)
Irregular Verbs (No ratings)
Nouns, Verbs and Prepositions (No ratings)
Prefixes 1 (No ratings)
prefixes and heart words (No ratings)
Chapter 3 Prefixes (No ratings)
French adjectives (No ratings)
C Adjectives (No ratings)
VERBS (No ratings)
roots and prefixes (No ratings)
UN5-ER verbs-la technologie (No ratings)
If I Were an Animal- verbs and msc words (No ratings)
Spanish verb practice (No ratings)
Suffixes and Compound Words (No ratings)
Spanish 3 Common "-er" Verbs (No ratings)
French Verbs (No ratings)
Stem Changing Verbs: (e to ie) (o to ue) (No ratings)
adjectives /say the way you are (No ratings)
Demonstrative, Interrogative, Indefinite, Comparative, and Superlative Adjectives (No ratings)
LOM Ch 4/16 Prefixes (No ratings)
Stem-changing Verbs E - (IE) (No ratings)
Nouns (Foods) (No ratings)
People Suffixes (No ratings)
Prefixes and Suffixes (No ratings)
EEL Grammar Weeks 1 -3 (No ratings)
Irregular verbs (No ratings)
Past Tense Verbs (No ratings)
ir ending verbs (No ratings)
Adjectives (No ratings)
-Ar, -Er and -Ir Verb Conjugations (No ratings)
Suffixes -tion and -ion Puzzle #1 (No ratings)
Lesson 27: Opposite Prefixes (No ratings)
Absorbed Prefixes (No ratings)
We Are Nouns (No ratings)
Irregular Verbs (No ratings)
Adjectives (No ratings)
F Adjectives (No ratings)
P. of Spanish - Verbs (No ratings)
Adjectives I (No ratings)
Irregular Preterite Verb Conjugations (No ratings)
Grammar Quiz (No ratings)
Suffixes -able, -ful, -ment (1) (No ratings)
Lessons 6-10: Drop --e, Prefix pre--, Suffixes --able, --ed, --er, --ness (No ratings)
PREFIX-FORE (No ratings)
Suffixes (No ratings)
Possessive Adjectives with Family (No ratings)
Suffix: - ist (a person who) (No ratings)
Prefixes: re-, ex-, in-, de- (No ratings)
Prejudice Prefixes (No ratings)
Lessons 16-20: Y as a vowel, Review "drop --e" rule, Suffixes --y and --ish (No ratings)
Verbs 2 Lesson 3 (No ratings)
Adjectives and nouns that they are friendly with... (No ratings)
Common verbs conjugations quiz 1 (No ratings)
Spanish Verbs (No ratings)
Suffixes -ance, -ence, -ant, & -ent (No ratings)
Adjectives- A Scary Night (No ratings)
pluralization of nouns in Spanish (No ratings)
Prefix - micro (tiny, very small) (No ratings)
Prefixes (No ratings)
Linqua Latina: All First Person Verbs! All the Time! (No ratings)
Prefixes (No ratings)
Verb crossword (No ratings)
Adjectives (No ratings)
Spanish Verbs (No ratings)
Surgical & Procedural Suffixes (No ratings)
Reflexive Verbs (No ratings)
-ed; irregular verbs; mid- (No ratings)
Suffix Crossword (No ratings)
-er and -ir verbs/Some -ei and -ir irregulars in the YO form (No ratings)
E Verbs (No ratings)
Guess the Grammar (No ratings)
Prefixes Hyper/Super/Supr/Sur (No ratings)
E>IE Stem changing verbs (No ratings)
Stem-Changing Verbs E-IE Infinitives (No ratings)
LOM Chap 4 Prefixes (No ratings)
Spanish verbs (No ratings)
French 1 all verbs review (No ratings)
SER(doctor verb)vs. ESTAR(Place verb) (No ratings)
Suffixes -logy -graphy (No ratings)
AAS Level 3 - The 1-1-1 Rule of Suffixes (No ratings)
VERB VENIR (No ratings)
Prefix un- (No ratings)
NOUNS & PLURALS (No ratings)
Passport to Wonders - Adjectives (No ratings)
Simple Present Verbs (No ratings)
PLURAL NOUNS (No ratings)
progressive verbs (No ratings)
Possessive Adjectives (No ratings)
"IN" prefix (No ratings)
unit 15: suffixes-ion and -ian (No ratings)
les adjectives possesives (No ratings)
Prefixes! (No ratings)
Prefixes 12/8 (No ratings)
1st Semester Nouns (No ratings)
Demonstrative Adjectives! (No ratings)
(ING) VERBS (No ratings)
LOM Chap 3-Suffixes (No ratings)
More Prefixes & Roots (No ratings)
Activities--irregular verbs, faire, adverbs of frequency & misc ER verbs (No ratings)
-AR Verb Word Puzzle (No ratings)
Grammar Terms to Know (No ratings)
PRESENT: Regular & Main Irregular Verbs (No ratings)
Prefixes 2 (No ratings)
Ch. 3-4 Prefixes (No ratings)
Regular Verbs Ending in IR (No ratings)
3rd declension and verbs (No ratings)
Suffixes (No ratings)
Verbs Las riquezas naturales (No ratings)
Springtime Grammar (No ratings)
Irregular Verbs (No ratings)
-AR Verbs (No ratings)
Prefix & Suffix Terminology (No ratings)
Vocab 8 verbs & 3rd dec endings (No ratings)
Compositions and Grammar (No ratings)
Fall Proper & Common Nouns (No ratings)
unit 15: suffixes:ion and ian (No ratings)
Verbs Reg. & Irreg. Past & Pres. (No ratings)
Latin I noun/verb endings (No ratings)
Present Perfect: Regular Verbs (No ratings)
Suffixes 2 (No ratings)
Grammar: Parts of Speech (No ratings)
Prefixes mid and inter (No ratings)
Ch.3 Verb Definitions (No ratings)
Blue Prefixes (No ratings)
Verbs (No ratings)
Ser, Estar, Some -ar Verbs (No ratings)
Irregular Preterite Verbs- SP3 (No ratings)
Medical Terminology Suffixes (No ratings)
AR, ER, and IR Verbs (No ratings)
Chapter 4.1 Verbs (No ratings)
-ER Verbs (No ratings)
The un Prefix (No ratings)
-IR ending verbs (No ratings)
Passé Composé - Reflexive verbs (No ratings)
verbs, 4.20.16 (No ratings)
Prefix Crossword Puzzle (No ratings)
1st & 2nd Declension Adjectives (No ratings)
Latin Nouns (No ratings)
Stem-Changing verbs (No ratings)
E Adjectives (No ratings)
Stem-Changing Verb Conjugating E-IE (No ratings)
Petit Nicolas--Louisette non verbs (No ratings)
Word Parts, Prefixes, Suffixes (No ratings)
UNIT I VERBS, etc. (No ratings)
Sub, Super, Sur Prefix (No ratings)
Lessons 11-15: Doubling rule, Prefix de--, Suffixes --ly, --ful, --en, --age, --al (No ratings)
H Adjectives (No ratings)
Power Verbs (No ratings)
Ser and Estar Adjectives (No ratings)
Verb Phrases (No ratings)
If I Were a Marmoset--verbs and msc words (No ratings)
Verbs in Sentences (IELTS) (No ratings)
Prefix pro=for, in favor of, forward, positive (No ratings)
Spanish Nouns (No ratings)
Nouns/Adjective Agreement Darius/Ryan (No ratings)
Latin Verbs (No ratings)
-AR Verbs Present Tense (No ratings)
Suffixes (No ratings)
Before and After Prefixes (No ratings)
Suffix -ous (No ratings)
-er verbs and être (No ratings)
Reflexive Verbs (No ratings)
Common -ER Verbs (No ratings)
List 16: Suffixes (No ratings)
English Grammar (No ratings)
Prefixes & Suffixes (No ratings)
adjectives/opposites (No ratings)
Prefix sub- (below; under) (No ratings)
Regular Conditional Verbs (No ratings)
Singular & Plural Nouns (No ratings)
Novice Verbs, Singular 1 (No ratings)
The Grammar of Words (No ratings)
Suffix know how (No ratings)
Food (nouns) (No ratings)
o-ue stem changing verbs (No ratings)
Stem Change Verbs Crossword (No ratings)
Prefix non- and Latin Roots (No ratings)
Adverbs (No ratings)
Spanish Verbs (No ratings)
Stem Changing Verbs by Miguel & Angel (No ratings)
Prefix dis - not, none (No ratings)
present tense regular verbs (No ratings)
pre and suffix (No ratings)
verbs crossword (No ratings)
Long 'e', prefixes, suffixes (No ratings)
VERBS (No ratings)
Suffixes (No ratings)
Verb Phrases II (Lesson 2,3,4) (No ratings)
Common Suffixes (No ratings)
Medical suffixes (No ratings)
prefixes (No ratings)
Spanish personal adjectives (No ratings)
verbs of action (No ratings)
A Adjectives (No ratings)
ER Verbs + Aller (No ratings)
Prefixes "pop" and "de" (No ratings)
Irregular past tense verbs (Group 1) (No ratings)
Prefix non-; Latin Roots (No ratings)
6th grade Verbs (No ratings)
Fun With Verb Tenses (No ratings)
SP Lesson 26: Suffixes (No ratings)
Regular Verbs (No ratings)
Noun Puzzle (No ratings)
Latin Prepositions Conjunctions Pronouns (No ratings)
-ER ending verbs (No ratings)
SER(doctor verb) vs. ESTAR (Place verb) (No ratings)
chapter 3 vocab 1 & grammar 1 (No ratings)
Simple past verbs (English) (No ratings)
Elementary Spanish / Capí­tulo 4: Stem Changing Verbs (No ratings)
Grammar Vocabulary 2 (No ratings)
Year 8 Grammar 2 (No ratings)
Prefixes dis-means apart, away, reverse (No ratings)
Spanish Adjectives (masculine and feminine forms) (No ratings)
Suffixes (No ratings)
Prefixes (No ratings)
Vocab and Grammar (No ratings)
EI & IR Verbs (No ratings)
PREFIXES (No ratings)
IR VERBS (S) (No ratings)
Ar Verbs (No ratings)
Lessons 71-75: "tch" & "ch" endings, Drop-e rule, Prefix "pre" (No ratings)
Suffixes -ible & -able (No ratings)
Caput IV et V - Verb Practice (No ratings)
Spanish 3 Unit 3 Lesson 2 vocab and new verbs (No ratings)
Medical Terminology Prefixes and Suffixes (No ratings)
Words with Prefixes (No ratings)
1/5/15 Suffixes - ed/ing/er (No ratings)
-AR VERBS (No ratings)
Prefix/Suffix of the day (No ratings)
Suffix -tion/-ion Puzzle #2 (No ratings)
ETRE VERBS in the PC (No ratings)
Suffixes / Diagnostic Procedures (No ratings)
Verbs (No ratings)
feminine adjectives (No ratings)
LOM Ch 6/16 Digestive-Roots/Prefixes/Suffixes (No ratings)
More Verbs with Irregular Preterite Stems (No ratings)
Adjectives (No ratings)
Grammar Test Review (No ratings)
Caught 'ya Grammar (No ratings)
PREFIXES (No ratings)
Review Grammar (No ratings)
Inflectional Ending -ed & Irregular verbs (No ratings)
irregular verbs (No ratings)
Irregular Verbs (No ratings)
Prefix and Suffix (No ratings)
Verb forms (No ratings)
Suffixes -ance, -ence, -ant, -ent (No ratings)
E Adjective (No ratings)
101 Unit 3: Week 4 Adjectives (No ratings)
Past Tense Verbs (No ratings)
Suffixes -ful, -less (No ratings)
Prefixes -im, not in, not (No ratings)
Sports, hobbies and verbs (No ratings)
French I IR verbs and other vocabulary (No ratings)
Adverbs (No ratings)
French 1 irregular verb practice (No ratings)
Gotcha! adjectives and adverbs (No ratings)
Suffix -or, -er, -ist (No ratings)
General Suffixes (No ratings)
10.1 Nouns & 9.1-9.2 review (No ratings)
Irregular Verbs (No ratings)
Grammar Practice (No ratings)
Verb Review (No ratings)
Ir de compras & GO verbs (No ratings)
Prefixes (No ratings)
Regular Verbs: Present Tense (No ratings)
Reflexive Verbs Spanish 2 MCR (No ratings)
Greek and Latin Prefixes -trans, -tele (No ratings)
Medical Terminology Prefixes (No ratings)
That Pesky 3rd Conjugation and Adverbs! (No ratings)
Spanish 2 Unit 1 Level 3 Verbs (No ratings)
I Adjectives (No ratings)
Common Prefixes Part One (No ratings)
The Present Tense (-AR Verbs) (No ratings)
Prefixes ir-and dis- (No ratings)
adjective opposites (No ratings)
basic verb puzzle (No ratings)
Verbs tener, querer, vivir, comer and adjectives (No ratings)
ADJECTIVES: 03/08/16 (No ratings)
Pronouns, Verbs & Endings (No ratings)
Chapter 12 -- Nouns (No ratings)
Irregular Verbs (1) (No ratings)
Chapter 3, Prefixes BCC 9/18/18 (No ratings)
Suffixes (No ratings)
Prefix re- (again) Greek Roots (No ratings)
C8 - Verbs oír and leer (No ratings)
Roots and Prefixes (No ratings)
Prefix Crossword for Pre- before, in advance (No ratings)
Present tense verbs (No ratings)
Suffixes: -al and -ous (No ratings)
Adjectives (No ratings)
Negative Prefix (No ratings)
Spanish Adjectives (No ratings)
Plural Nouns- Basic 20 Words (No ratings)
English Adjectives (No ratings)
Spanish Verbs crossword (No ratings)
advanced suffixes (No ratings)
Red Hot Prefixes pro-/retro- (No ratings)
Ir, Jugar, Places, Adjectives (No ratings)
H Nouns (No ratings)
unit 17: suffixes -ation,cation,ition (No ratings)
SER(doctor verb) vs. ESTAR(Place verb) (No ratings)
Sort U: When to add the suffix ‘able’ or ‘ible’ (No ratings)

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