Dictated Formally <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> DEL.FINDS..DYES OVA.ERROR..RAPA NAN.AIMEE.LONER UDDERS....BOKES TEIL.HALL.IPO.. SSSSS.LEAF..VEX ..CAT.LICE..ICY WHO.ERE.TWO.COZ ROM..EGGO.ROC.. YAM..CEOS.BOONE ..AHI.STEM.OMIT MAJOR....AROMAS ODORS.STAGE.ACY AAHS..SATIN.AII NLNE..ENACT.LNS <ACROSS> Key on some PC keyboards Discovers Colors Eggs Mistake _____-Lot (Hip-Hop Record label; two words) Calculator err msg A Mann Soloist How a cow expresses Throws up (Scottish slang) "part", to Franz The place the Kids are in When a new co. shows up on the NASDAQ, say What a snake says Blower target Annoy It's in the cradle, according to a song A reason to feel lousy Quite cold An inquiry Shortly, before 1999 - 1997 Because (slang) Where your PC can't write Waffle at risk of getting stolen 90s sitcom starring Charles S. Dutton Tuber often conflated with a sweet potato Big bosses, in brief American pioneer and woodsman Tuna Stalk Skip College pursuit Scents Scents ______ of life The equivalent of LAX or EWR in AC Often paired with oohs Glossy fabric It looks like "all," but isn't National League For Nursing Education, for short Make law Like Rtes and Sts and Cts <DOWN> Good despite their holes Avoids Animal House director, when dictated formally (three words) Phobia _______ Spring Belarus's most popular rock band (abbr.) Before a ray or me Stored without Tod Sag Pop parodist, when dictated formally (three words) It's used for fencing Rare but scary coronavirus Summer colony along the Atlantic coast of Ocean County, NJ Anna's sister Claims Garland Some are intolerant of it Part of many an office addr. Not many -friendly Nearly as easy as ABC Exhibiting dry humor Org. that sets rules for condos, apts., or other housing ___ center Globe Acquired What an impressed crowd might say in unison B3 An answer to the question, "Say, what's a good website for buying homemade crafts, pray tell?" (two words) Low-key basketball game Org that collects your taxes Teller's pursuit Complain Rifai of Magic Tavern It's stressful when due Energy company in the UK and Ireland, for short Sometimes paired with black One ____ time (two words) <NOTEPAD> Created on CrosswordHobbyist.com