Get a Clue <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> .STAB.TSAR.FAR. .ERIE.HOSE.OVER CRYME.ELSE.BONE HEW..CAVED..IDE ANO.ALIEN...DIS RER.TATTT..MANE ORD.INCH..SONGS ..SPAGHETTIOS.. STEER..POOR.WEB PRAT..BUENO.EEE EAR...AZTEC.RRE ACC..RAZOR..KIM REHI.ABLE.WHEEE SUES.LAET.SAYS. .PSS.PASO.OYST. <ACROSS> Take a _____ (attempt) Ruler Not near A canal It helps water get from A to B First part of direction to Grandmother’s house _____ a river (two words) Who _____ _____ dry Conform (to) Gave in There’s just one in March, though it’s usually pluralized That’s _____ (two words) One who isn’t from here Insult Subject line of an email about the 18th letter of the alphabet? Unusually long form of a short form describing someone’s ink Lion part The th or st or rd, for short Not a mile They are always in keys Canned meal that might make some say Uh-Oh! Drive Unwealthy One easily tangled Fool No ______ What you’d say if you saw a rat A good part for listening? Indigenous people Jumbled version of 25-across What the gas pdl. helps you do Removes hair Eminem’s wife Subject line replying to an email with a bland subject line of its own (two words) Goes with ready and willing Kids exclamation on a slide Takes to court One of a class composed chiefly of freed men with a status between tribesmen and slaves in ancient Kent. Opines Prelude to a secret El ____ Precedes “er” in Blue ____er Cult <DOWN> More calm What you might do if you struggle with these clues? (Three words) Goal Buzzer What starts holidays?(two words) What you do consistently if you’re good at clues like these? (Three words) Rise A clarinet requires one Offers buttons to unlock your car What you must do to remain spoiler-free doing activities like this one? (Three words) Often performed of garments Brander of cups Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza What the trolley goes Princess headgear, where the last letter goes first? What one with udders utters A hot and dusty wind usually occurring in spring, beginning in Africa and reaching Europe Like a cat, dog, or fish, say A foot digit, and second of same, and then a preposition that’s a near-homophone? (Three words) It’s required by the printer Toxic singer Draw over the lines on a new sheet of paper, in a northernly direction? (Two words) Most spooky What 4-Down might say into a mirror, while self-actualizing with rudimentary English (two words) First two words of a children’s song with a popular melody Type of surgery to treat men with prostate cancer, for short Where astronauts from the US might live for a while With “P,” a global poker championship It’s for horses <NOTEPAD> Created on