Song Answers <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> .OGRE.ADL.PACT. .WHEW.IRE.AHAH. ONEME.REI.WIRED MET..ALANA..EMU NRT.ANIMALS.LEE ISONLYFORME.EST ..SOL.TNT.ADS.. ..UPS.....SOS.. ..PET.MII.OMW.. PRE.ABANDONSHIP OER.REDVEES.IST EPS..TRIAD..SLA TETER.ATL.TAPAS .AARP.TRL.OVEN. .TRAG.SOY.NERD. <ACROSS> Shrek, for one Org. battling hatred towards Jewish ppl Agreement Expression of relief Anger Precedes "choo" "I'm not a clone! There's only ____ ___!" (two words) Store selling outdoor gear, for short Connected Encountered ______ Thompson, American child star of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Big bird Inert, without i.e. Creatures Denim brand "You can't have this one, because it __________." (Four words.) Zone Roman god of sun Explosive Commercials Often paired with downs Cry for help A kind of scan One's avatar on a Nintendo console En route, via text Not post Captain's cry ____ the land of the free In the alphabet rainbow, comes before orange Ws A suffix of nouns, often denotes a person who practices or is concerned with something, or holds certain principles, doctrines Mini-album releases, for short A set of three Document that defines the uptime a digital vendor will provide, for short Sway City in GA Small Spanish savory dishes Org. for older folks Carson Daly's MTV show Cooker With suffixes -ic or -edy, refers to sad states of affairs Replacement for animal protein Dweeb <DOWN> The folks who bought the place 1998 song by Nas featuring Mya Band behind Stand Dolly, for one Transport by aircraft 1973 Aerosmith power ballad Former NFL quarterback from USC ____ Patrol Tuna 1984 Wham! hit Like "Boss of Me" and "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" Prefix meaning "all" It's for two singers Not just some It's for the poor, typically with "s" Smash Mouth's biggest hit ______ of Love That's a no Perignon and DeLuise, for two Angry rodents? (two words) Where some were conceived Hopefully Like Poe or Shakespeare Come again? Wager Competitor of Webster's, for short No man is one of these School-focused orgs. Long period of time D&D, for one 2,000 pounds Like a St. or Rd. <NOTEPAD> Created on