They Might Be Giants <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> DEFER.PAIR.ANDS RAARE.SANE.TOIL ADROP.EATF.ONEU BIRDHOUSEINYOUR ...ERMD.RNR.... ONOMATOPEIA.PAM HALOS..ISS.ARRE YOURENOTTHEBOSS EMNE.OVA..SAMOA SID.THESIMPSONS ....IAN.TARS... MICKEYMOUSECLUB ONEN.DION.SLIDE ACNE.ETTE.SENOR THAE.NTHS.OFENG <ACROSS> Allow another to decide Combine Ifs, _____, or buts How a zombie might order steak, say? Not crazy Word hard You may cause anger if you put the milk jug back with just this much left Shoot a digital message to the bureau of booze, smokes, and guns, briefly? Truth about the word "dungeon" or "flunking" or "crustacean" They Might Be Giants hit, with "Soul" Doc who treats emergencies, for short What you may aim to get on vaycay Like "buzz" or "ding" Baywatch star Anderson, for short Angels have them Where NASA sometimes sends astronauts "Giddy up!" in Spanish First four words of the chorus of They Might Be Giant’s “Malcolm in the Middle” theme song Norwegian for “subject” Eggs Girl Scout cookie with coconut ____ and Nancy Very long-running broadcast TV series with characters including Abe, Moe, and Selma, among others Actor McKellen Prepares for feathers With “House,” Disney show for which They Might Be Giants wrote a new theme Noteworthy fact about words like “noteworthy,” “stamen,” and “insecticide.” Singer behind Runaround Sue It’s electric? Skin condition Suffix meaning small Mister, to Juan ____ Yong-Ho, North Korean defector Unspecified members of a series Something not of Germ, Span, or Ital, say? <DOWN> Bleak Electronic Attitude Director Indicator, for short Actor Jamie ______ What we don’t want to see beaches do, say? Put another way Fake Screams? Passion Give the floors a better shine It’s fun to play with Something that’s against the rules Mon _____! Speak unclearly O-methyltransferase, for short Gun lobby Enthusiastic exclamation of agreement _______ Campbell, supermodel Ice hockey player Linus Pockets, of a sort? Ad Acts of burning Isolated, flat-top hills with steep sides Where you might find low notes How you might express a ban on Star Wars actor Christensen Tool for handling hot stuff _________ machine Neither win nor lose Apple app for media purchases Often married to pas Castle defense There are twelve in a typical foot Professionally wrestler John ______ A joint A booth without a bee? Distance between two points Noodle variant Shorter form for what sunk the Titanic <NOTEPAD> Created on