Queen Bee <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> .CASED..SAS.TWO NARNIA.DOGTIRED ANCELL.ONEONONE BOHEMIANRAPCITY SEER..PTIDEA... ...ACCESS..STOP NECTAR.TEIS.API OVA.REMORSE.DEN TER.DEEP.ERRANT AREA..AMOEBA... ...NEATER..MBAS WEWILLROCKYOUTH EVENDRAW.NONRBI NESTEGGS.EDEMAS DRT.RAE..ESSAY. <ACROSS> ______ the joint Scandinavian Airlines, for short Just a couple Well-chronicled mythological place Exhausted Corporation that manufactures antibodies Resource-constrained way to play basketball Queen's hip-hop ode to a socially unconventional metropolis? Soothsayer How you might apologize to a federal drug agent for interrupting them, via text? The ability to speak to someone, say No-go? ______ of the gods Usual, in Portuguese What website developers might use to access other websites Eggs One might feel it after making mistakes Lair Prefix meaning thrice Not shallow Culpable Section Single celled creature More tidy Biz. degs. Queen's anthem about their plans towards non-adults "I can't ____ _____ a straight line!" Obtuse nomenclature for a pop-up fly ball? Savings Conditions where the body holds onto excess water _____ and the Women HBO writer and actress Issa ____ It may have five paragraphs <DOWN> Keelless boat One of Jupiter's moons Contemptuously smile towards Anagrams to MILE, LIME, and ELIM Probably the most famous Salvador How God might describe Jesus? Two word slang for an AARP commercial? Excavate a series of steps in rock Deanna _____ (character from Star Trek: The Next Generation) Headed (to) Crispin _____ (Founder of London-based asset management company that bears his last name) Grabs Queen's plaintive demand for the cat to keep making noise Hummingbirds Mimic See 25-Down One of the largest groups of First Nations in North America A magician might say this if he finds your 22-Down Not a close one? A beer, slangily _____ bene Never have I _____ Without a ______ in the world "Oh!" A member of a South Slavic ethnic group that originated in the Balkans What a vegan might feel? Band with Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Tommy Not a fraction for decimal, for short An ugly humanlike creature One commanding respect Sweat, in Portugese Traditional name of Myanmar Where you might keep certain things or people? Village in United Arab Emirates Find one's way, perhaps At any time Like Cornell or Kanye Some athletes take one Torah pointers <NOTEPAD> Created on CrosswordHobbyist.com