Hue Can Do It! <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> SME.EGO.MAGICAL LAV.REN.ALOCALE ORIGINS.DONEFOR WALTERWHITE.TUN PTSD.ETAS...APE AHI....LOOSENED COLORFULNAME... ENOUGHN.WINANTE ...CHARLIEBROWN ANCHINOE....ROT BAA...UARE.ETCH OUS.PINKPANTHER ASTOUND.INSIENA REERASE.KEE.RTL DARKNOD.ESC.NSL <ACROSS> One who really knows their stuff, for short It can bruise easily Like tricks or Disneyland Loo Stimpy's companion It might be exotic Beginnings Out of luck Bad breaker A large beer Affliction for some unfortunate former Lts, Sgts, and others in the armed forces Flight deets Gorilla Tuna ________ up (relaxed) What you might call each of 20-across, 41-across, and 53-across What you have if you spell "beginner" with two N's What you might do when everyone else folds? He works for Peanuts In Greek mythology a naiad, and daughter of the river-god Nilus Decompose Black sheep's utterance SMS response to "Who's yr BFF?" Often paired with a sketch A suffix forming adjectives that have the general sense “possessing, full of” Inspector Jacques Clouseau's first film appearance, with "The" Amaze Where you might find Italy's Palazzo Pubblico, the Gothic town hall, and Torre del Mangia Wipe clean anew Alternative spelling of the archaic "kie," meaning "cows." How you type Hebrew on a PC How Darth Vader might indicate ascent? Keyboard key An administrative subpoena issued by the US government to gather information for national security purposes <DOWN> Laggardly tempo Long-distance race A farmer's tower for storing unkind things? The southernmost of the Great Lakes Category Briefly describes someone traveling via Swiftair airline Capital of the Badger State Not a smidgen Like a famous titular "Girl" Beverage coolant Man's long-belted tunic What a jeweler might use to inspect How one might spell "learned" if they haven't learned how to spell "learned" Time management method invented by David Allen, for short There's at least one of Presidents, and many of fame. Sheep, in Romanian See Me Now, Buddy (for short) Correct answer to: What's a three-letter body part? A) NOSE; B) FACE; C) ARMPIT; D) THIGH; E) EAR Expression of pain Roughing, without OUNG? "Waited," in Irish Like 234.2, 392,911.73, and 4.0008 Like certain Lights People often offer to give theirs to others Charm Share info "All ______!" — engineer's cry Gross feeling A fly pupa used as bait. 2019 Emmy winner for Outstanding Actress Abbreviation for a popular sports video game maker, and then an older console they once made games for ____ Livni (born 1948), Israeli politician A town in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina "Not ____ ____ many words" National Security Group, on the NASDAQ A mountain demon of Tyrol folklore <NOTEPAD> Created on