A Million Dollars <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> SAP..PLENA.HELA LUE..RISED.AMAR ORE.CONSIDERATE BARENAKEDLADIES ...NTTTN..TELCO .REF.HOCUS.NAO. TEAOIL.EDAM.LMN ITSBEEN.ONEWEEK SAT.PTAS.CHERRY .LMK.ELAST.STS. DIORS..DOIDO... CANADIANPOPBAND STRINGBEANS.NOR SEOT.AISLE..TEE ODES.LASED..ILK <ACROSS> Take away, as in energy “Full,” in Spanish A line of cells from Henrietta Sacks Common misspelling of French “lieu” Errant rose? To love, in Spanish Unrefined rock Thoughtful Canadian group Not The Tiger Taking Noodles, briefly Like AT&T, e.g. Ump Part of a magician’s phrase “No,” in Portuguese Natural remedy for athlete’s foot Semi-hard cheese Middle of the alphabet First two words of 19-across’s biggest hit Next two words of 19-across’s biggest hit Didn’t stand School associations Often requested on top Keep me informed, via SMS Kpop band Nick and Francis and Peter, for short Christian and Catherine, for two “_____ ___ _____ it or not?” (Advice request) Aptly describes 19-across Specific vegetables Neither connector Special Earthlings Occupational Therapy, in brief They’re often walked down Golf equipment Poems Underwent the physical processes performed by optical light radiation Others of that ____ <DOWN> A gross individual Spirit Like one Like Donovan McNabb, LeBron James, or Ty Cobb Connect Spirit Scottish variant of “need” Indicates there are more, briefly Make less soft A red badge, a sound, or a banner, perhaps? Folks who weren’t on time You ____ beautiful to me Ttl #? Consume Make a remote for a car? Got even with Town in Ohio German heavy metal band Permitted ____ the season Acronym for a document that lays out a special need student’s specific plan within his or her school Expression of blandness Northern Kentucky University’s slightly surprising abbreviation Indoor football league, for short What we do when we are very melancholy What we feel when we are very melancholy Venomous snakes How you might describe someone who hasn’t tanned at all Department Chair’s Sexy Sad Ocelot, briefly Software-Defined Networking, in short Cinematographers, i.e. Accessory worn by Arab men The AUS airport Not for Christmas song Crapola <NOTEPAD> Created on CrosswordHobbyist.com