TV Animals <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> SPCA.TCM...ANON CECH.ROHOB.UELE UARE.ARAREBREED BREAKINGBAAAD.. ALARMTORING.IBO ...TAOISTS.ONEA NEWGRRL.SADNESS ISHOT.....LESPE EPOLSPU.CURTSYS COND.ONTARIO... EOE.BLACKMOORER ..LETSSEESOMEID POSTSCRIPT.AHGT KNOT.IOOOO.NOHO GONE...UPN.YETI <ACROSS> Pet-friendly org Network for older films Unnamed other, e.g. Czech alternative An inspissated juice River in Congo “U r 2 gr8.” “No, ___ _____!” A Norwegian Lundehund or a Thai ridgeback, say Walter White Sheep? Security system’s responsibility A stream in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan Adherents of a Chinese philosophy Top-rated Zooey Deschanel lion sitcom? Unhappy emotion Doesn’t chatter teeth Danish root meaning “To lisp” Ascend an incline, in reverse? Makes a formal physical greeting especially as a female? If/then, briefly Home to Ottawa Open to hiring anyone, regardless of their background, for short Creep retro Netflix series about cows? What a suspicious bartender might say It might follow the closer Anti-Human Globulin Test String theory? What I do when I see an incredible sports play or beautiful jewel LA region Not here TV network Large, hairy creature <DOWN> ______ diving Oyster find Cumberland County Retired Educators Association Not a lung silver or a kidney bronze Benedict Arnold, for one It’s used in cooking and salad dressings Magicians Having Always Gotten Rabbits Stuck Halo Depending on others, say Bullfighter’s shout ____ Ryerson (from Groundhog Day) Circles Ken Albala book: ______ _ History for the vegetarians A victory can be in this, perhaps Name brand department stores Best with espionage Bodies of water The drink that puts you over the edge, say Not the nephew Second largest city and municipality in Finland. It is part of the Finnish Capital. A: I’m thinking about the famous country singer Willie Q: ___ A: _________ Don’t Let Righteousness Into Our Oval Potential univ. major The opposite of Asro Miniature birthday treat on a stick A town in Trafford, Greater Manchester, England The Child Eats In Old Uniforms Bangtan Boys, briefly Prep the dirt again It’s enough Really Dumb Twits Obnoxiously Insulting Diminutive suffix Like a box from Amazon, e..g Yoko <NOTEPAD> Created on