Times Two <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> ASIDES.SOS.ETAS SLEEVE.ENTIRETY ROOMER.ASONEMAN ...ORE.CALC.PLO ASSAY.SOLE.SOLD TWENTYTWENTY... SIL.IOU...ASADA ELI.MUD.NUK.PAM ALGAE...ENE.ATE ...CIRCUSCIRCUS APAT.EAMS.TEEMS RIS.TBSP.CEA... MAHIMAHI.PARIAH ONELITER.USAUSA ROSY.EWE.SYSTEM <ACROSS> Whispered remarks Help! Bits of info on an airport screen You might have something up it In its _______ A renter in someone else's home In unison Rock HS class instead of Stats Recognized Israel's right to exist in peace in 1993 Determine the quality of 19-Across Only No longer available to purchase Good vision, or this year Spouse's female sibling to you, initially A signed document acknowledging a debt Carne _____ QB Manning Dirt, but wetter Stooges utterance Jenna Fischer's character on The Office It can pool in an untreated pool ñ Chowed down Vegas casino What you might give someone's back What jetstreams, inseams, and moonbeams have in common Overflows (with) "Rice," in Cornish, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Recipe qty. Carcinoembryonic antigen, briefly A fish Outcast Soda bottle size Patriotic chant Cheery, as in an outlook Female sheep _______ of a Down <DOWN> Hull classification symbol for submarine rescue ship in some navies _____-mo Variant on initial coin offerings, operated directly by cryptocurrency exchanges, for short Town in Ireland, or to remove complaints from? "______ Close My Eyes" (Babyface song) Dry or withered, literarily Fully aquatic, herbivorous mammal Available at a discount Like some valor or hearts? Before, to a poet How fast to play "You don't know me ______!" An assembly of the clergy Company name follower Where some might be lost or buried Drink (something) greedily Former MLB commissioner Bud Handsome dude A filename extension used in Microsoft Windows for files with device drivers Not me "Relax!" A way things might continue A piece of information "You've made ______ of things!" Loch monster Six-time NCAA champion Tar Heels school Perform Mail-in discount A nut Out caller? Bring up in a fashion Defensive clothing Set of keys? Fire remnant You overshared, in SMS form Mac or PC innards Expression of affection, in txt France's University Institute of Technology, for short, in French Suffix used in biochemistry to form names of enzymes Goofball <NOTEPAD> Created on CrosswordHobbyist.com