Dust In <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> RAINMAN..ESSAYS ITERATES.NECTAR NEGATORS.TRAMPS KRAMERVSKRAMER. ....RAE.RAPP... .MISSISSIPPIAN. SERI...ELSE.LEA ATARI.SRL.SUTRA PAN.MAHI...SEDA .LITTLEFOCKERS. ...CASA.THE.... .SALTOFTHEEARTH ERROTR.PEEKABOO TOATOA.ALTEREGO SIPHON..RANAMOK <ACROSS> Famous mishearing of “Raymond” Writings Improves on, say _____ of the gods Nots What ladies might be A Seinfeld character directly competing with a Seinfeld character Actress Issa American novelist Adam ____ One from the Deep South Indigenous language spoken by between 716 and 900 Seri in Punta Chueca and El Desemboque If/Then/____ (programmer’s conditionals) Actress Michele Outdated game console LLC, in Spanish, Italian, Or French Kama ____ Criticize When doubled, a fish dish Actor John from the film Selena Second sequel to Meet the Parents A house Very popular article Descriptor for good and honest people A mistake with a mistake Child’s game Common name for several species of plant, including Haloragis erecta Like Hyde or Batman Extract, as in gasoline Went crazy <DOWN> Where one might skate Old Testament male name International Educators Growing Adolescents, for short Proprietary computer memory technology from the company Nantero Mothers (informal, dated) An Arawakan people of the headwaters of the Essequibo river in British Guiana Something of yours that others might get on Captures Colorful woolen shawls worn over the shoulder, maybe with an extra P, because life is hard and I think I spelled it wrong Shrimp ____ “Don’t _____” (Twitter admonition Press release from young adults, for short They come after JRs Snake utterance Fish food? It can be heavy One from Tehran What you might call Elton John or Paul McCartney Hook on a T, maybe Change Tiny crunchy candy that often comes two flavors per carton Remove, as energy Very high hotel rating What French-American actor Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize might say A bundle of grain stalks Employ A loser, especially by a large margin Technical Committee Locating Only Tall Hens, for short An other with an unexpected L Chimpanzee character that appeared in numerous Hollywood Tarzan films of the 1930s–1960s It’s late. The answer is KEEKEN. I got pretty weak in this corner. Sorry Social return on investment, in brief What many a song in Hamilton is Naturally occurring protein on endothelial cells, the cells that line blood vessels. It activates the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin, an enzyme responsible for the breakdown of clots, helping restore blood flow to the brain A river in Switzerland Ray Bradbury Experience Museum, intially Like some restaurant orders Film starred in by the the star of 1-Acros, 19-Across, and 42-Across Aliens, in brief <NOTEPAD> Created on CrosswordHobbyist.com