GOTV <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> LIE.FLIP.ORANGE OTP.LANE.SOLION SSH.ANTE.CSECTS ELECTIONDAY.ETP RETE....ERE.LEI .XED...RAMADIER ...RST.ARARANTI FIVETHIRTYEIGHT ANONREME.EDL... MALEAPES.R.YAA. ISA.WEE....YMCA LET.VOTINGBOOTH INIHOP.ROLL.UOA ASLOTL.KNOT.NRA LEEEEE.SEWS.TSA <ACROSS> “You ___!” (Shouted at Barack Obama during a State of the Union address) What some hope to do to the Senate A fruit What you might SMS if you’re already using the device you text with Penny ____ An electronic detecting and amplifying device More secure version of Telnet Chip in Emergency baby delivs. First Tuesday in November Securitiy that track underlying security, index, or financial instrument, in brief An elaborate network of blood vessels or nerve cells Before Garland Countered O’s, say Paul _____ (Politician and a French statesman, 1888-1961) ReStructured Text file format suffix A river in Gallia Narbonensis, now the Saône, combined with opposition? Website election watchers refresh endlessly Subject line for unsigned email about yourself? Atmospheric entry, briefly They may be interested in woman chimpanzees Yawning-inspired “yes” Love _____ Battlefield Very late, or very early, as in hours Popular song about a place to play basketball or sleep Allow Where one might cast a ballot Popular place to eat breakfast You might be on one? National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, for short, when using its more common name Atolls, confusingly One might tie it Gun lobby How one might enthusiastically greet actor Majors (Colonel Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man) Threads Scanner of laptops and shoes <DOWN> What no politician wants to be on 20-Across How this constructor might identify himself A member of an ancient Athenian court that tried certain murder cases Like E or A, sometimes Heaven, in Hawaiian Describing a fan of, say Ball-____ (Hammer) Wiener brand Blushing, perhaps? It might be pale or amber An overfastidious person Successfully completed a Dracula costume? Fill with soul Sesquiterpene found in the essential oil of a particular wood What Thomas Crown did to the museum? Not widely known; not frequently used or experienced Everyday slangy greeting? It's kind of like a poll "We" follower, in the document whose 20th Amendment specifies 20-Across Relating to your parents, siblings, or kids Kinda? What polls might be before 20-Across "The More Boys ______" (Carrie Underwood story) Total They may be bad Shout upon making an epic discovery Bothers Zilch Canceled, beloved Netflix series Popular sammies Garden tool <NOTEPAD> Created on