Dirty or Dingy or Dusty <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> ABAR.ABAT.AREAS MOLE.LALA.LOLLY MOES.ITON.SKEOS OSCARTHEGROUCH. ...TOO.SSI..TAK SBA.SSA..AVERSE TAROT.MENTALITY INTHEGARBAGECAN LAOSRATES.REATE ENOOSM..CHA.LES SAD..ICI.ATE... .RECYCINGCENTER SATAE.TOOK.TELE IMOLT.EIRE.ETSY NAOMI.SLED.REES <ACROSS> See 17-Across Dracula's alter ego Zones Double agent "I can't hear you!" ___-gag 1-Across that Homer frequents "Put ______ my tab" A shed of loose stones See 40-Across Also US tax-payer funded program for retirees Two-player abstract strategy game designed by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss US agency that provides loans to small businesses The US agency that handles issuing 24-Across payments Opposed (to) Card that means business? Approach, perhaps Where 20-Across lives What you're researching if you check the Kip vs. the dollar Had again? Nonsense string of letters that's also an anagram for ME SOON When doubled, a dance First word of a famous French-named musical Unhappy Here, in Paris Did 43-Across for the first time Where those looking to reduce or reuse might go? A computer bus interface that supports both Serial ATA and PCI Express storage devices Nabbed Prefix with phone and vision What a talking arthropod might declare Ireland's Irish name Online store for homemade goods Actress Campbell Device for going downhill fast Robert A. ____ (American educator and poet) <DOWN> Munition What you might hear from disappointed ghosts? Famous Baldwin Took a load off anew Belonging to a Justice Where one might ablute Certain succulent plants Sharp tastes Too Device for streams? Like most modern appliances Hawaii, for long Second half of an OS, for short Crowers A long noosed rope John Maynard ______ Improviser Ryan English female pop duo Whistling assistant? It might say Welcome? Wander randomly before settling in a new place to live S. Grant’s opponent Very Before Ritz maker, vowelless Suffix meaning — really — having reproductive organs Pwned, perhaps References How to fry things Common keyboard key Storm predecessor Scary snowy someone Famous Al French head If/then companion Belonging to a Star Wars heroine State in which some might live <NOTEPAD> Created on CrosswordHobbyist.com