Self-Referential <AUTHOR> <COPYRIGHT> 2021 <SIZE> 15x15 <GRID> ONEACROSS.RESAT MEATEATER.ACTSO ESCALATES.CHAOS NTH.ADO..LEAGUE ...ENS.ATAR.ERR TROVE.PRESSON.. TAPIS.ANTI.LAB. THENEWYORKTIMES .SNC.SOLI.OVENS ..SEEDUDS.LESTS BEE.ROTS.CER... ESCORT..MOR.EVA AORTA.ALABASTER USEIT.NEGOTIATE SETSA.STILETTOS <ACROSS> What this is Rested one’s legs again Non-vegetarian “Don’t _____ surprised!” Heightens Madness A degree Fuss You might be out of someone’s Dash variants For scalp psoriasis, some recommend ______-based shampoo Make a mistake Treasure quantity Continue Richly decorated cloth, often used as a covering Not pro Where Bobby “Boris” Pickett was working late one night Where this puzzle isn’t FAA code for Chester airport in Connecticut In orchestral music, a divided string section with only one player to a line Cookers Witness bombs? Formal conjunction meaning “with the intention of preventing (something undesirable)” — only pluralized Potential bonnet dweller Decays What cancer, concerts, and an ulcer have in common Accompany "Eat ____ Chikin" (Chick Fil A slogan) Actress Mendes Heart part Skin descriptor, potentially Alternative to losing the thing Barter _____ precedent Shoes with a point <DOWN> It could be good or bad Egg holder? Every One ____ time A brand name for an acetate rayon yarn or fabric Commercials for form VIPs, maybe? Probably the most famous von Bismarck Witness Jrs’ elders Competitors, in cars or on foot European Chemicals Agency, for short Like Meg Ryan and Vin Diesel Pepcid may treat ______ stomach “Cough” in Spanish Vision improver Reveal Like the stars of “True Lies” Video game included with the original Game Boy Sound of rapid gunfire, maybe Cheers Something everybody knows, even though in theory almost nobody should know it Earnings Famous theatrical orphan Not straight The Washington (state) Department of Transportation, in brief Handle the behavior of What an asp might say Errors, in printing or writing Male admirers Expensive, in Italian Old programming language Popular brand with its ups and downs? Gift givers Coup d’_______ Reject Greek spirit of battle Articles Permit Do 10-Across for the first time <NOTEPAD> Created on